Interview conducted on behalf of 2018 exhibition at Jason Haam in Seoul, Korea.

Oliver Arms


Born 1970. Lives and works in Los Angeles.



1988-1991 San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco, California.


Selected Solo Exhibitions


2018 Jason Haam, Seoul, Korea

2014 Ameringer/McEnery/Yohe, New York, NY

2013 ArtBasel Miami Beach, Miami, FL

2012 Ameringer/McEnery/Yohe, New York, NY

2010 Ameringer/McEnery/Yohe, New York, NY

2008 Western Project, Los Angeles, CA

2007 Charles Cowles Gallery, New York, NY

2007 Western Project, Los Angeles, CA

2005 Western Project, Paintings: 2003-2005, Los Angeles, CA


Selected Group Exhibitions


2016 William Turner Gallery, Strata, Santa Monica, CA

2013 Bentley Gallery, Neo Chroma, Mar 1-29, Phoenix, AZ

2012 Orange County Museum of Art, OC Collects, Oct 7-Dec 30, Newport Beach, CA

2011 Kayne Griffin Corcoran Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2011 Brevard Art Museum Melbourne, FL

2010 Contemporary Art Center, Elements of Nature, New Orleans, LA

2009 Western Project, The First Six Years, Los Angeles, CA

2008 Orange Coast College, Luscious Abstractions, Costa Mesa, CA

2006 Western Project, Infinity in Finite Things, Los Angeles, CA

2006 Western Project, In this House That I Call Home, Los Angeles, CA


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